5 Ways to be Proactively Positive

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Many people know me as a super positive person, but it's very true that I am not always like that. Out of principle, I try to be. I believe in positivity, but those that know me, know that I have my spells just like everyone else. Sometimes, I even feel bad that people think of me as positive because I am not always that way! But that's natural. Here are some ways to proactively create a positive mindset and experience through life:

1. Accept.

This is the key to keeping positive. When you learn to accept others as they are and yourself as you are, you tend to not have any negative thoughts about any of it. It's so simple really. Acceptance combats negativity. You typically only have something negative to think if you don't like how things are going. Well, I'm here saying: accept it! Maybe you have someone who is particularly negative in your life. Just accept them. It may be unexpected to them, and that may spark some positivity in them alone.

There is no need to validate their negative view points. It's all perspective! Often I find myself thinking of the opposite thing that they are saying, like "sure there is no space to sit at the busy coffee shop, but isn't that great that their business is doing so well!" It changes the course of conversation into something more positive or at worst, neutral!

Bad things may happen to you. They have happened to me, but I choose not give them any power over what I think of the world or other people. I accept the experiences as an opportunity to grow stronger and offer insight for others.

2. Take the Opportunity to Make things Better.

Sometimes life's "setbacks" aren't really setbacks at all. I am going to bet on the fact that they are never setbacks; there are better plans for you. These setbacks are simply an opportunity to jolt forward into another direction! Recently I was not approved for the car loan I wanted because my work doesn't provide W-2s, and I had no W-2s to offer for 2016. At first I was so frustrated because it made me have to change my plans a bit, but instead of getting sucked into a negative hole, I decided I would change my plans! Guess what, these plans are EVEN better than my previous plans! Thank you life!

Take the opportunity to turn something you perceive as negative in the moment, into something positive! And just because something is not how you would plan or expect, it doesn't mean that it is something negative at all. Change your perspective on it. This is more difficult for more serious situations, but everything in life does happen as it should... However difficult it may be, this too shall pass. This is an opportunity to get closer to your loved ones that are also feeling the pain. Let love bring you together and embrace it. Focus on the fact that you now get to share a closer bond with your loved ones.

3. Become Aware of Things that Spur Your Negative Thoughts.

Nothing makes me feel more negative than not feeling free. So not having transportation while I was home really bogged me down. I wasn't able to see all of my friends or easily get anything done. I just felt trapped in my surroundings with limited resources when my circumstances could have easily been changed. This is my most difficult struggle at the moment. But am learning to embrace these times more fully.

This minute sort of struggle that I face makes it unfathomable for me to imagine a life in which I am not actually free. It gives me greater empathy for those who do not share the same freedom and privileges that I do, and a greater advocate for those who wish to share in these freedoms.

4. Negative thoughts create negative actions which create negative thoughts which creates this ongoing negative cycle.

Learn however you can to train your mind to think positively. I don't know what works for you. Meditation, yoga, and clean eating are all things that help me, but I don't know what will work for you. However, I think it will come to you if you seek it. Meditation and yoga work for me for obvious reasons! They are based around controlling your mind. Clean eating is a positive action that creates positive thoughts for me. When you put nothing but positivity into your body, positivity will come out of it!

I associate everything that I eat and what I spend my money on with the energy that is behind it. This is partially why I stopped eating meat years ago and always try to support local, sustainable businesses, wherever "local" may mean in my nomadic life. I think when you are proactively making small decisions to make for a more positive world, it simply makes you feel more positive. Your thoughts are then more positive, and your actions follow suit.

Hopefully you found something positive that you can take from these few points. :) Being positive is just like being in-shape, you have to work out! At the beginning, it can be super difficult and take awhile, but once you're there, it is easy to maintain and fall back into.

5. Understand your "why".

Being positive is something great that you can offer to everyone around you and a gift you can give yourself.

When you are positive, you tend to be more present. You aren't thinking of the past or the future. You are just here. You get to be content in the present moment and enjoy life's little pleasures. You tend to notice things around you. You get to show other people this light, and you are great company because you are actually here.

This is a point that I always have to some back to especially when I get caught up on my phone--it's a balance of trying to keep in touch and keep present!

Will you take the next step to taking care of yourself in a way that you can serve as a light for those around you?

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