Proud to be an American

More than ever before, I am proud to be an American. I am proud of my ancestors who brought me here, God who has guided all, and the insight I have been given. America leads the world, and America will always lead the world so long as it embraces the spirit of the bold and the brave that created it.

I imagine historians are having a field day over recording the happenings of this past year. What incredible change the world and especially our country has faced.

There has been much speculation over how America has chosen to handle the pandemic. I think that it is too soon to place much criticism as we do not know what the future holds and whether the impacts of the virus on our country will aide us in someway. There are possibilities that people who have been infected by the virus may have some sort of immunity to new viruses of the future or perhaps the stress that the pandemic has put on our current systems will help us to adapt and upgrade our medical, transportation, school, government, etc. systems to new heights which may serve more people better in the future. Based on the heartache and turmoil we have faced thus far, we can only hope that there will be silver linings to it all.

Flares of long-going racism have ignited protests and changes in societal and structural norms. Inequalities and racism exist everywhere in the world, but here in America, we have created an environment that allows for criticism and most importantly CHANGE. The positive change to come from these uprisings will be a process. But our hopes are that it allows for a more open and inclusive environment for all to thrive as we dissect all of our short-comings and mistakes.

We have allowed for a new party to take office, and because I was not a fan of the outcome of the 2016 election, I am speaking with empathy to bring hope to people who are not a fan of the outcome of the 2020 election. We live in a great country where the majority truly rules and controls the shift of industry, law, and culture. We live in a wonderful country where you are free to believe whatever you choose. We are one nation, under God, and truly God has control over everything that we are witness to today. So I have incredible faith. I have incredible faith that our country will move in the direction that the majority of people think we should move, and we will learn and adapt to whatever we learn on that path.

Have no fear if your ‘party’ does not ‘control’ the government… For if 2020 taught us anything, it is that our ‘control’ is simply an illusion anyways. Have faith that God is in control and has everyone’s best interest in mind. It will surely be a process with growing pains to create the future we dream of, but it is certain that we will create it. If you reflect on the past, you will notice how we have created everything that we have collectively shifted our focus towards. Look at the amazing world we have created today with all of its conveniences and entertainment. This is what we wished for at one point, but is it what we want now? I know that the collective will create what it needs to create in order to thrive and enjoy life.

Then, somewhere in the midst of a pandemic, election year, social shifts, and economic change, I have heard whispers of people expressing their concerns over China taking over, but if you have ever had any kind of business experience, you understand that the power truly lies with the consumer. So long as America is the greatest consumer, America will have the greatest power over the direction of the world.

With belief in abundance, great work ethic, strong faith, hope in the future, and love for all, Americans will continue to live their truly blessed lives in this world spreading this way of living to the rest of the world so that all may live in peace and joy.

It is the spirit brought from people who have face hardships around the world that there is hope for a better life that brought them to America. It is the bold and fearless actions of pioneers that sailed across the ocean in search of this land. It is the free spirit that those choosing freedom of belief have carried with them passing down a lively spirit for generations to come. And admittedly, it is the greed that there must be more elsewhere that drives many to create more and consume more today.

I do not fear the future of America for I see the strong foundations that this country was built on thriving evermore.

America is an incredible place to live. I love the courage and passion that people have for living and each other. I love the freedom and the support for creating. I love the diversity and willingness to work. I have no doubt that we will unite and create a beautiful future that we can be proud of. So, Dear America, I love you! You are so beautiful. We are so lucky to call this place home. Stay positive and hopeful for the future.

Thank you to all who have served and been fearless in the name of liberty and justice for all.

With love,

Walkyria Whitlock


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