The Beauty behind Disappointment

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

St. Tropez 2016

Disappointment. It has a ring to it. It's unpleasant maybe, but certainly, we've all felt it at one point in our lives.

When I saw this photo, I was disappointed. My phone was set on a timer, and I ran over to do a headstand but not quickly enough as it took the photo mid-pose. My phone died, and I was 2 hours away from any sort of plug so what I got was what I got. I didn't feel like it was worth sharing, but after I read this quote today, I felt a bit inspired:

"Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck." ~Dalai Lama

Not that this photo has much to do with what I am about to talk about, it kind of gives it a bit of illustration.

Throughout my life, I've been a pretty decided person. Flexible to a degree, but very fixated on what I want. I just have my heart set on something, and I go for it even if it isn't the most sensible, popular, or smart decision for myself. Sure there has been a lot of disappointment along the way; but in more cases than not, I think that things inevitably do end up how I want them to... At least that's what I've been accustomed to.

When it comes to dating, through trial-and-error, I have changed my ways a bit, and I try to keep my heart set on the person that I want to be in the relationship as opposed to focusing on the type of person that I want to be with. It has lead me to be slightly more open with who I am with, and honestly, it has made me extremely vulnerable with people who are a bit reckless.

I've struggled in my quest to be my best, but in most circumstances, I've been the person who I want to be. That part is amazing, and I am very happy to think of how far I have come! However, I thought that by being the person I want to be, I would end up with the person that I want to be with... That hasn't actually come true yet. No matter how badly I want things to work. And I know, I must be patient, and I am still so young to be worried about anything like this... I am not worried; I am just disappointed... And this kind of thinking brings me down.

So many thoughts go through my mind of what I must do to be "deserving" and how to be better, but in all reality, I am probably quite lucky to not be getting what I want at the moment.

Think of times in life where things didn't go how you wanted them to and you were lead down a much more amazing path! One of my great friends once said to me, "Perhaps God has better plans for you than you could ever make for yourself." So continue to grow and be better, accepting what life gives you and learning lessons from your disappointments. Forgive, forget.. Move on, move up.

Andddd don't be disappointed! :) Your stroke of luck just painted a brilliant new line on the canvas of your life.

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