The Persuasion of Fear

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Continue reading with caution, this may offend many, and I just want you to be forewarned in case you would rather not be offended.

Because of our current way of living (with technology and all), it is apparent how disconnected we are from each other. Even being mindful of this, it is quite easy to fall into a place of comfort on my phone or my computer that isn't engaging with those around me. It is always easier to stay in a place of comfort that does not leave us vulnerable.

Many of us live disconnected lives, even from our own self. We attribute our unhappiness to other people or our situations. Even lacking inspiration, love, and passion because of our fear to follow it. Choosing not to follow our heart and sticking in the confines of what is "safe" and what we are comfortable with is a popular choice and one of the first moments, but not the last, that we choose to live out of fear. In this moment, we fear rejection and failure.

By feeding into that fear, it grows. We now fear that our current comforts will be taken away by other people who are less deserving... Who are "running away from their problems and bringing them here"... to your place of comfort... leaving you vulnerable and at risk.

Because you believe that you have an inherent right that is above other PEOPLE because of where you were born. You believe that your blessing of this life has earned you this spot here, and they can be damned because you are living within the lines. You'd like to believe that you'd make the changes necessary in your own neighborhood or area if there were problems around you because YOU believe you wouldn't run away from your problems like these "cowards". THEY are nothing like YOU.

But maybe they are EXACTLY you. Maybe they ARE running away in fear... Just like you choose to stay here in fear.

Or maybe not. Maybe they are COURAGEOUSLY trying to find a safer more secure environment for their loved ones. Can you relate with that?

Sure. I do believe that there is a lot of fear that leads people to safer places, and that through fearlessness and love, the problems could be rectified.

But it is A LOT easier to harness all-encompassing love and fearlessness from a safe place... So shouldn't that start with us?

If we believe in a country that is free, that is built on freedom. Then let people be free. All people. Stop being fearful that things may have to change to accommodate that. We are a fluid people; the world thrives off of change. Let us come together.

If you did not treat people differently based out of your fear of their difference, you would be more open to seeing them as the same as you.

If maybe you were more conscious of the resources you were using in your comfortable lifestyle, a lot of these countries that people are fleeing from would not be raped of their resources.

But you are not the problem. It is a collective problem that we all have... and it is not us. It is simply our fear. It is our fear that allows us to be easily manipulated.

When people run for office, they try to sway you by feeding your fears. It makes your fears grow and makes you easier to control.

They promise to "build a wall" to keep all of those "other" people out so that you may continue to live your life in peace. And allow you to keep your guns for your protection... (side note: please just think about how often ANYONE has been able to successfully PROTECT themselves with a gun)... I do not fear people having guns... although I should, because of the amount of people that have been killed or accidentally killed because of the amount of power one yields behind a trigger... I just find them completely unnecessary, but hey, go have at it on Thursday night at a shooting range.

And then there is alllll of this banter about where they're going to put the money and how it is going to go back to you in someway and make your life better.

But does the money even help with your happiness?

It's just another comfort/fear battle


Teach acceptance and meditation.

I try to be fearless. But I still have streaks of fear myself. Acceptance and meditation gets me through, and it helps me make the happiest decisions that I can.

Right now:

I fear embracing my sexuality as a woman because of the attention it might ensue.

I fear trusting men again.

And sometimes, I fear speaking up when my opinion is too bold or out there, but I know that when I am voicing it out of love, I will never carry any burdens with it.

I know that when I am able to overcome these fears that my life will be most joyful.

In speaking all of this to you, I must tell you that I have not always thought so righteously. And that is why I can easily relate to you and hopefully you can hear me.

I can relate to being a product of my environment. Growing up, I followed the "path" so diligently. I did well in school; I was over-involved with no real "me" time to let creativity ensue. I thought that creative arts were a waste of my time to pursue, even though I loved them. But still then, I was fairly fearless. I did not always hold the popular opinion, but never minded voicing myself loudly. The problem with my fearlessness then, was that it did not align with empathy or love.

When I was 16, I did a speech and wrote a paper on why it was good that we bombed Hiroshima. When I was 21, I met a girl from Japan near Hiroshima. She was amazingly kind, and what do you know, just another person: funny with dreams and aspirations... That night I cried and cried because I could not believe that I could ever have thought that is was a good idea to ensue war and harm other people in the name of keeping "OUR" people safe.

When I was 17, I wrote my senior paper on how the government should not provide financial support to the morbidly obese. After going through a sad period in my life where I easily gained 40 pounds, I was able to empathize with how they could lose themselves and find comfort through food. While I still don't believe financial support aids them particularly well, seeing people who are obese as different, weak, and disgusting people does not aide them either. Teach acceptance and meditation. This acceptance is preventative in this situation as well.

When I was growing up, I feel we were taught empathy and acceptance of black people and people with different sexual orientations. I was taught that I was equally as capable as my male counters of accomplishing whatever I put my mind to.

So we have made so much progress I believe! But there are still so many holes in our love and acceptance of others, and we need to mindfully work together to fix that... And let go of our fear.

I was going to share a song with you that I wrote titled "Fear" but unfortunately, wix doesn't offer the option to add just an audio link! There isn't any instruments for it either, so I don't think it would be worth creating a SoundCloud for. If you think I should make a video and share it, give me some feedback and I am sure I can arrange that :) Thanks!

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