The Space that Connects Us

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

I think that what’s going on in the world right now could be directly related to looking out into space. You see darkness as a whole, but it is speckled with these amazing gasses of light.

Furthermore, that darkness in space is absolute nothingness! Now isn’t that another great tool that we can relate back to the world today to help comfort us, but the negative things that are darkness upon todays world aren’t something that we can ignore either. And we don’t ignore the darkness of space. Scientists have literally spent centuries trying to explain exactly why space is black.

Even though space is dark, I still like it. I think it makes the stars more beautiful and amazing even.

If I were a star in fact, I think I would be friends with this:

Photo by NASA under Creative Commons Zero :)

It is so beautiful and lively and vibrant. But in my star world, it’s possible I’ll never get to meet this. But it existed. Something beautiful that I want to relate to existed.

And here on Earth today, there are so many beautiful people doing wonderful things that I will never meet and maybe never even hear of. Go further to what is happening in the future and what has happened in the past, and it is unfathomable how many people I would have had great pleasure knowing. Scientists spend so much time looking for new stars and galaxies in space, and that's what we should be seeking as well. These brilliant unique sources of light.

When light shines in space, you see it for millions of years after. The same is true of those that let their light shine here on Earth. They may leave us, but the effects of the lightness they shared surpasses their existence.

I sometimes get overwhelmed when I think of all of the things in the world that I want to help. But although there is darkness upon us, there are twinkling stars… And I’m going to get a bit more “off into space” for a moment, but I think that when the end is near, everything will be encompassed by a massive surge of light. Which will be awesome and amazing and super positive, but that will also mean that it’s over.

So when you look at the sky at night, do you only notice the dark abyss or the twinkling stars?

Photo by Taylor Leopold under Creative Commons Zero :)


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