What do I eat?

People ask me this all of the time. Whether they are wondering for health reasons, they are complimenting my body, or if they simply don't understand what vegetarians eat!... It's not too exciting though!

A little about my eating habits: I am a vegetarian, though when I am at home, I eat mostly vegan. Sometimes I eat gluten-free. Sometimes I do juice cleanses. Sometimes I eat lots of cake and cookies. I pretty much do what I feel like and try not to judge myself and look at my decisions empathetically... I try.

When I am on yachts, I don't have as much control over what I eat. There is usually a chef, and most of the time, they are already intimidated by cooking for someone who doesn't eat meat. These are the times that I end up eating junk food because I am usually not satisfied (for whatever reason-be it nutritional or simply enjoyment) by the food put out. Over time, I have learned how to anticipate these cravings and choose healthy alternatives, but I also will just let the cravings flow as I know it is only temporary.

When I am eating at home, I am fairly simple. I love simple, real, rich, tasty foods! A super chocolatey smoothie for breakfast. Roasted bell pepper and tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch. Truffle pasta for dinner. These are some of my favs and a staple in my diet.

I tend to start eating the same exact thing for weeks at a time until I run out of an ingredient that causes me to cycle to my next thing. I am not sure if I eat the same thing because I simply love it so much and don't care to think of anything else or if I can't think of anything else and eat the same thing because I love it so much. lol.

Because I am finally living on my own for a majority of the time, I have decided to make myself a menu to choose from. The menu is based off of the only food I have specifically chosen to eat this past year (only my favorites) and will give you an insight as far as what vegetarians/vegans eat! Overtime, I will share some recipes or how-tos, but they really are very simple!

Obviously, desserts are very special to me! Sometimes I will just have a bunch of 'sides' as my main: roasted potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, and wilted spinach! It's super tasty, and I can prepare over 5 different ways!

As you can see, it's all very simple! Being a vegetarian is easy and tasty. Let me know if there is something from this menu would like to know how to make, and I will work on posting that first.