You are going to make the right decision.

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

We spend so much time trying to make sure that we make the right decision.

WHETHER we should or should not do something (i.e. take a certain course, approach someone, travel somewhere) or the more difficult question of WHAT we want.

We spend time making lists for what we desire in a career, partner, house, etc. Then we make a decision, and we either are satisfied or not. Mostly not. We go back to the drawing board and rewrite our lists thinking that we have some sort of control of the outcome this way. But then when things finally do work out, do we credit ourselves?

Rather, we are grateful for the divine nature in which things aligned.

Take a moment to reflect on the biggest moments that changed your life, and you may come to find that the things that influenced your life the most are things that were completely out of your control.

I do not mean to rush or make haste but rather to take our time to enjoy life. I am saying to relax. The right things will come to us when they come. It is simply a practice of faith and perseverance. We will make the decisions most true to ourselves by going with a feeling and whatever lessons arise are truly ones that were meant for us to grow.

Try not to let the fear of making the “wrong” decision keep you from moving forward when there isn’t really a “right” decision anyhow.

Set your intentions and live virtuously, but let life guide you. Be patient with the exploration and yourself. The lesson of acceptance is a profound one indeed.

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