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Thank you for visiting my website! Here you will find links and resources to past/present/future projects. 

I am a free spirit helping others to find their freedom through self-expression, love, and kindness. I do this mostly through books, podcasts, and teaching yoga/meditation. 

i LOVE what i've forgotten

Global MVP is a non-profit created to teach youth meditation and mindfulness in an engaging and interactive way. I would love to help your students and am currently taking bookings to teach classrooms virtually. You may reach me through the contact page or by booking a time to chat here.

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Playnet is an up-and-coming social media app designed to create and share activities. It is a dedicated activity-sharing platform where you can discover new events and keep up with your favorite creators and friends.  Stay-tuned by subscribing to Playnet.

A huge thank you to all of the gracious hosts who have honored me by having me as a guest on their show.

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